Catch Basin Cleaning & Repairing, Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck Service

We offer Pump truck services including Hydro Excavation, Sludge Removal, Digester Cleaning, Utility Services, Storm drain cleaning & Sump cleaning.

Vacuum Truck Service Miami

Our services encompass Commercial Vacuum solutions, Catch Basin Cleaning & Repairing, and expert Hydro Excavation services. Reliable and efficient Vacuum Truck Service tailored to meet your specific requirements.

USA Plumbing & Septic Vacuum Truck Service

USA Plumbing & Septic, a fully licensed commercial plumbing company in the state of Florida, offers comprehensive services with expertise in vacuum truck services services. Utilizing advanced vacuum trucks, we effectively extract liquids, sludges, and debris from diverse locations, including parking lots and drainage fields. Our dedicated team ensures the proper disposal of waste by transporting it directly to an appropriate facility.



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    Sludge Removal Specialists • Hydro Excavation • Residential and Commercial Utility Services

    What are the services that USA Plumbing & Septic Vacuum Trucks Provide?

    Our Vacuum trucks have a wide range of uses so please contact us with your specific needs.

    • Car Wash
    • Catch basin cleaning
    • Commercial waste disposal
    • Grease trap service
    • Hydro excavation
    • Lift Stations
    • Parking lot drain
    • Sand & Oil Interceptors
    • Septic tank cleaning
    • Sewer pipe cleaning
    • Storm drain cleaning
    • Storm water systems
    • Storm water wells
    • Sump cleaning
    Vacuum Truck Service in Miami

    Why Use USA Plumbing & Septic?

    For 37 + years, USA Plumbing and Septic, Inc. has been serving contented clients in South Florida, covering projects in both residential and commercial sectors. Our highly skilled team is adept at managing jobs of any size, whether big or small. USA Plumbing is dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions for all your vacuum truck requirements. Our experts can handle the task after a thorough assessment to determine the most fitting solution for your needs.

    What  is a Vacuum Truck?

    The vacuum trucks robust pump extracts air from the holding tank, generating a vacuum. By opening the primary and secondary shutoff valves on the suction hoses, the tank attempts to equalize the pressure within, enabling the truck to effectively vacuum up solids, liquids, and sludge.

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